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Cefet/RJ President

Publicado: Quinta, 25 de Janeiro de 2018, 03h40 | Última atualização em Quinta, 25 de Janeiro de 2018, 17h28 | Acessos: 2766

Carlos Henrique Figueiredo Alves has been in charge of Cefet/RJ since 2011 and is now in his second mandate (2015-2019). Previously, he has been deputy director (2007-2011). He is a Full Professor admitted at the Institution in 1991, as an Electrical Engineering Department (DEPEL) professor. He has taken the positions of head of DEPEL, member of Cefet/RJ Board of Directors (CODIR), of the Board of Education (CONEN) and Departmental Council chair. He has been a professor at the Post-Graduation Program in Technology and, currently, teaches at the Post-Graduation Program in Electrical Engineering. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering (PUC-RJ) and Master's and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering (Coppe/UFRJ). He has lectured as a visiting professor at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State, USA), during postdoctoral studies (1998-1999).


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