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Maracanã campus (headquarter) presentation

Maracanã campus (headquarter) gathers Cefet/RJ historical trajectory, which has began in 1917, as the Arts and Crafts Normal School of the Federal District (EAO – Wenceslau Braz), later called National Technical School (ETN). In 1942, the institution became a reference in the federal network of industrial education, and, in 1978, saw its transformation from Federal Technical School (ETF) to...

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Cefet/RJ President

Carlos Henrique Figueiredo Alves has been in charge of Cefet/RJ since 2011 and is now in his second mandate (2015-2019). Previously, he has been deputy director (2007-2011). He is a Full...

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  • 25/01/18
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Cefet/RJ Campaign

Cefet/RJ Campaign is designed to embrace the future and to ensure Cefet/RJ’s leadership as it approaches its first century of education and inquiry in the pursuit of becoming Rio de...

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  • 25/01/18
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Cefet/RJ Shared Values

Integration; Responsibility; Commitment (environmental, social and economic sustainability); Search for excellence; Autonomy; Ethics and transparency; Respect (Human Rights and...

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  • 25/01/18
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Mission Statement

Cefet/RJ (comprising the undergraduate college, the graduate schools, other academic bodies, research centers and affiliated institutions) has a formal mission statement on the 2015-2019...

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  • 25/01/18
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